It is in record that the Late Madam Iyalode Eunroye Tinubu of Egbaland was the OVERLORD of EYISHA, the Grandfather of FAfunmi and OJOMO the Cousin of Eyisha during their life time and that TINUBU left EYISHA on the land as the Head of her Domestics to be collecting tributes for her from the Native Tenants, Farmers and other Domestics on Land when she finally retired to Abeokuta in 1856.

The general public is hereby warned to resist the temptation of consummating any form of transaction(s) on the land with the so-called OJOMO-EYISHA or any person(s) acting for the said family or any of the other families (or their assigns) herein before mentioned to avoid total loss of your hard-earned resources.

Public Notice No. 1 in respect of Ewe Adigbo/Iwaya Farmlands covered by plan prepared by Surveyor Herbert Macaulay and tendered as exhibit “A” in suit No 124 of 1912 Fafunmi Vs. Osu Apena and Iwaya farmland covered by plan with a registered title no 45 page 45 vol. 2212. Prepared By: H. Macaulay in 1912.

between Adepate Ejide and W.A. Thompson and others (Judgment against Ojomo Eyisha Family).

 between Fagoyinbo’s Family and Kolawole James Farmer Attorney to MADAM TINUBU’s family (Judgment against Labunjo’s Title).

Between G.C. Dosunmi and Umo-Epo (Judgment against Eyisha Family).

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